Need a Game to Break the Ice?

This Fun and Easy to Learn game will get everyone laughing, or yelling at each other in no time!

Not Good at Math? Neither are We!

That’s why we have the Shranks Companion App to help you track your character points. And even if you’re keeping track with good old pen and paper, everything in the game is counted by 10s and 20s so it’s super easy.

Drinking Game? Family Fun? Choose!

Get crazy with your friends and play it as a drinking game, or get together with the whole family for a family game night. The choice is yours. Shranks is flexible enough to play in different ways.

Start the Party by Getting Your Copy of Shranks Today!

Be the Fun Member of Your Group By Getting the Party Started

Introduce the game at your Fraternity/Sorority or College Dorm party for the best drinking game around!


Or bring it home to your family for Family Game Night!


With a coin flip, each playthrough will be different, making it exciting every time!


Fun Card Game to Play with Friends

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