Trading Card Party Game

Fun and Easy to Play – Difficult to Master

Over 400+ Characters

Over 13 Different Universes – Can You Collect Them All?

Who Will Join Your Party?

Customize Your Playing Deck – Challenge Your Friends and Save the Multiverse

A Game to Play Face to Face

Play with friends and family, build bonds, and have fun!

Play it Anywhere

Play it during lunch or after work or school. Plus it doesn’t need batteries!

You Can Team With and Against Your Friends

Which of your friends or family will you attack first? Who will you avoid attacking? It’s all up to you. Form and break alliances to be the last person standing!

Pick How Long the Game Will Last

Need a quick game before lunch ends? Want to take up the whole night? Play with more or less characters per player to make the game last longer or shorter!

Fun Card Game to Play with Friends

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