5 Reasons to Bring Shranks to Your Next Party

You Can Play it at Any Party!

Have you ever gone to a party or a get-together and there’s this awkward phase of “How do we get this party started?”

Or has your family ever wanted to do something together, but they didn’t want to watch a movie or go out so you all just… did nothing?

How about when you’re at a college drinking party, but there’s no good drinking game to get the booze going? So you all just take shots or drink with no fun reason to.

Well, Shranks can solve all those problems as it’s flexible enough to be a drinking game or family-friendly fun.

You decide the way to play!

It Can Be As Long or As Short As You Want!

What if you want a quick game to pass the time while you wait for more people to arrive at the party?

Or if everyone is there and you want the game to last longer?

Shranks can be as quick or as long as you want!

Want a Shranks quickie? Everyone only gets 1 or 2 characters.

Want an all-night tournament? Give everyone up to 6 characters to play with!

There’s No Need for Math!

Ever play a game where you have to bust out the calculator to see how many points or how much health you have left?

Forget that!

We’re not good at math and you shouldn’t have to be either to have fun.

We have a Shranks Companion App that will not only keep track of what characters you have and give you a bio on each- it will also allow you to keep track of your health!

No phone battery life left? No problem. The health and attacks are counted by 10s and 20s so it’s super easy.

It’ll Be Different Each Time You Play!

How many times can you play Beer Pong with your buddies before it gets old?

Or how many times can you play Monopoly or Charades with your family before you want to jump off that building you purchased after Passing Go?

With Shranks, the game is different every time you play – and that’s not just because you can choose whether its a team battle or free-for-all game.

By flipping a coin to determine attacks and effects, the outcome will be different every time!

Shranks is a Fun and Easy to Learn Party Game That Will Have Everyone Laughing (or Yelling at Each Other) in No Time!

Ever fidget with a new card or board game trying to figure out how it works? Hasn’t that always brought the party mood down?

Since Shranks is so easy to pick up and play- the party can start immediately.

Choose a character to attack with, choose a character you want to attack, and flip a coin- the game is so easy to learn I just explained it in one sentence!

You’ll come to find friends and family building alliances, yelling, and all sort of fun shenanigans once you bust out your copy of Shranks!

So what are you waiting for?

Bring Shranks to your next party!