How to Play

What is Shranks?


Learn what the hype is all about! Watch this quick video or read the bullet points below to learn just what Shranks is!

  • A Party Trading Card Game
  • With Over 400 + Unique Characters and Items
  • Each with different abilities
  • From 13 different universes known as the multiverse
  • You must stop the comet known as Shranks by being the last player standing
  • Use your character and items to help you challenge and defeat your friends to be the heroes of the multiverse
  • Flip a coin to determine which of your attacks are used
  • Create your own unique teams with up to 6 characters in your playing deck
  • Try to collect them all!

How to Play Shranks


Discover how easy it is to play Shranks! Learn the rules in a matter of 7 minutes or read the rules in these quick bullet points:

  • Each player should have between 2-6 characters in their play deck
  • Grab an item card after your turn each round until all item cards are taken
  • Play it as a trading card game or as a party game
  • 2 character cards should be on the field during a round with any other cards hidden from view of the other players
  • State out loud which one of your 2 characters will attack – also mentioning which character you will attack.
  • Flip a coin to determine what action will be used
  • You can use your items during your turn – after which the items will be dispensed
  • To see what effect your item card will have you need to flip a coin
  • You can choose to switch out either one or both of your characters during your turn
  • When one of your characters are defeated you will have to switch them with another character from your play deck – if you have any left
  • Be the last one standing to win!
  • It often isn’t as simple as it may sound once strategies and alliances are formed!