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The Party Card Game that will have you laughing (or yelling) out loud!

Need a Game to Break the Ice?

This Fun and Easy to Learn game will get everyone laughing, or yelling at each other in no time!

Not Good at Math? Neither are We!

That’s why we have the Shranks Companion App to help you track your character points. And even if you’re keeping track with good old pen and paper, everything in the game is counted by 10s and 20s so it’s super easy.

Drinking Game? Family Fun? Choose!

Get crazy with your friends and play it as a drinking game, or get together with the whole family for a family game night. The choice is yours. Shranks is flexible enough to play in different ways.


You Can Play Shranks as a Drinking Game

Character got hit? Take a sip! Everyone's character got hit? Cheers! You all take a sip!


It's Easy to Learn and Fun to Play

It's as easy as flipping a coin! But there's also cool strategies you can put in place to make sure you come out on top.


You Can Play it With Anyone

Want a game to bring to the next family get together to avoid the awkwardness? Shranks fits that bill!

Beta Tester Reviews

Dan M. - New York

"Being someone that doesn't particular enjoy card games I can honestly say Shranks has been, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining gaming experiences I've ever had with a card game..."

Ian L. - New York

"...It's a great game to pass the time with friends and make some new friends one the way..."

Steve J. - New York

"...The rules are simple and straight forward. It doesn't take long to learn, it took me only a few seconds..."

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