Thank You for Trying Shranks

Welcome to the World of Shranks!

We hope you enjoy this free Trial Version of Shranks. Just cut out the cards and you’ll be ready to play!

You can print more than one copy to have multiple people try the free version. Just be sure to have a coin that you can flip to determine which attack your character and item cards will use.

Instructions on how to play are below.

Get the Full Game by Buying a Starter Pack

With Full Color Characters, Items, and More

Why buy a starter pack*?

With a starter pack you get:

  • 1 Game Manual
  • 26 Character Cards
  • 3 Rare Cards
  • 7 Item Cards
  • And 1 Score Coin

*All the cards are fully colored in the Starter Pack


And the best part is that each Starter Pack is different! So if you buy one and your friends or family buy one you’ll all get something different. And if you have any repeats you can always trade with one another so it’s a win-win for everyone.


You can buy the starter pack and start building your awesome deck for only $19.99.

How to Play Shranks

Discover how easy it is to play Shranks! Learn the rules in a matter of 7 minutes or read the rules in these quick bullet points:

*Each player should have between 2-6 characters in their play deck

*Grab an item card after your turn each round until all item cards are taken

*Play it as a trading card game or as a party game

*2 character cards should be on the field during a round with any other cards hidden from view of the other players

*State out loud which one of your 2 characters will attack – also mentioning which character you will attack

*Flip a coin to determine what action will be used

*You can use your items during your turn – after which the items will be dispensed

*To see what effect your item card will have you need to flip a coin

*You can choose to switch out either one or both of your characters during your turn

*When one of your characters are defeated you will have to switch them with another character from your play deck – if you have any left

*Be the last one standing to win!

It often isn’t as simple as it may sound once strategies and alliances are formed!